Disinfection, Hygiene & Consumer Products

Product ranges from surface disinfectants, hand and skin sanitisers, instrument disinfection and maintenance. Our main supplier is a specialist manufacturer in user-friendly formulations not only for liquid disinfection but also in the area of dry and pre-impregnated disinfection and cleaning wipes. We also include instrument and medical device disinfection products in our range for the medical and health industry. These products concentrate on two specific disinfection areas – on the patient and the areas surrounding the patient. Companies we partner with and whose products we distribute in this category include Dr Schumacher Surface Disinfection, Hygiene & Consumer Products and local South African based manufacturers and suppliers.



Enabling innovation in the manufacturing industry

Indusdx® is a disinfectant enhanced by the addition of a natural anti-microbial compound. It has been specifically formulated for use by manufacturers in their own cleaning products, paint and other formulations prone to bacterial contamination.
Site of application examples:
  • Mining slimes, dams, vessels, cooling towers and general manufacturing plant area
  • Disinfection of hard surfaces (walls, floors, counters, work surfaces)
  • In-can preservative (paints, inks, polymers, adhesives)
  • Antimicrobial additive for products
  • Effluent water treatment
  • Antimicrobial additive for soaps/cleaning chemicals
  • Disinfectant/decontaminant for rinsing tanks, pipelines and valves
  • Microbial control for starch and pulp (paper/starch)

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Disinfectant for the food and beverage industry

Microdx™ is a mild organic disinfectant specifically formulated to conform to food-grade specifications.

Site of application examples:

  • Breweries
  • Starch processing plants
  • Food processing plants
  • Abattoirs
  • Industrial kitchens & refectories
  • Fruit wash treatment facilities
  • Meat breaking plants
  • Sauce blenders
  • Canned food manufacturers

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Enabling safer environments for the health industry

Vitrodx® is a disinfectant enhanced by the addition of a natural anti-microbial compound. It has been specifically formulated for use in hospitals, clinics, surgeries, therapy and operating rooms and veterinary surgeries.

Site of application examples:

  • Wards, storerooms and bathrooms
  • Floors, walls and tiled surfaces
  • Laundry and uniforms
  • Plastic and nylon surfaces
  • Melamine and wooden surfaces
  • Steel surfaces, pans and trolleys
  • Disinfection of curtain/covering
  • Non theatre application
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